10/02/23Festival Brake The Ice@ Epinal (88)
11/02/23Fanfarodoï Festival@ Strasbourg (67)
18/03/23Festival Méliscènes@ Auray (56)
15/04/2320 ans de La Saugrenue@ Tours (37)
03/06/23Nuit des Fanfares@ Marchin (Belgique)
18/08/23Mumush Festival@ (Roumanie)
26/08/23Watt A Bar Festival@ Bar Le Duc (55)
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The most minimalist brass band ever

Thanks to drums, brass and a ghost musician, who mixes the sounds to turn it into electro, TeKeMaT celebrate the
end of machines imitating instruments by using instruments to imitate machines. No samples, loops or pre-recorded
sounds all the music is played live.
Even the most reluctant to techno music will enjoy this unique performance. It will transport you into an experimental
organic trance.



Matthieu Garreau
06 61 35 50 47


06 62 66 86 61


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